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What is CBD?

CBD is a compound in cannabis that does not make you feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC

CBD ointment is made by infusing cannabis compounds with high-quality oils like coconut or olive oil. CBD ointment is also blended with other therapeutic herbs, like arnica or lemongrass essential oils, which are well-known pain relievers

CBD ointment is a safe, easy-to-use topical that can be applied directly to almost any area of the body to relieve troubles like soreness, inflammation, and irritated skin. When applied to the skin it creates a heightened sensation that is experienced only in the body, unlike the “high” effects cannabis ingestion does via smoking, vaporizing or eating edibles

CBD ointment is a great alternative for those looking to reduce pain while avoiding the harmful side effects of over-the-counter/prescription drugs

Massage with CBD oil creates an effect than lasts longer than self-application, because while CBD is relaxing your muscles, the massage therapist is able to break down “knots” or adhesions. This in turn increases overall circulation of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs. Benefits from massage with CBD oil include faster healing, and relief that can be felt into the next day!

I customize each session to match your specific needs. I am specialized in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports massage. As a Practitioner, I take time to listen to your concerns. My goal is to rehabilitate your soreness and create an atmosphere where you can feel at ease

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