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Travis Strickland, LMT

I first took an interest in performing massage when friends in the industry told me how much they enjoyed it professionally. My colleagues described benefits in the peace and joy they were able to give others. Curious to what they were referring to, I began practicing some of the techniques they shared, and discovered a meditative quality that calmed me as well as the person I worked on. The unexpected reciprocity I gained led me to research what classes were being offered in schools. My interest peaked immediately when I read reviews for South Bay Massage College

As I began applying the courses, I felt I was a natural because I’ve always been great with my hands. Initially, my interest was in how to relax others, because I felt we live in too stressful of a world. I eventually became interested in pain relief, because physical ailments also make for an often unnecessary burden

Enthusiastically I absorbed the knowledge of pathology, and graduated in 2013, specializing in modalities of Deep Tissue, Myofascial and Swedish. I continue to expand my repertoire with Sports massage, gaining an in-depth knowledge of contributing factors to muscle imbalance, overuse injury and injury rehab

Serving over 4 years as an Independent Massage Therapist has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and my passion for well-being continually motivates me to redefine a holistic approach to alternative medicine. Naturally this led to my involvement in the Cannabis industry, where I researched the healing properties of cannabis extracts and their practical application


  • 5 stars

    May 21, 2014 – Submitted by Heather

    "Travis is the best masseuse I’ve encountered!!! Not only is he knowledgable with the text book techniques, he is in fact a healer. I have tried many things and this is by far the best I’ve encountered. I’ve had surgery (spinal fusion from t3-l3 steel caging and titanium steel rods), taken MANY different types of pharmaceuticals for pain relief/inflammation/muscle relaxers, and even chiropractic. Nothing compares to the therapy I’ve been receiving from Travis! I not only feel that he is giving me a massage, but actually HEALING me while working out all the knots and tension that the hardware and of course STRESS! cause and that build up over time if they aren’t addressed, which continually restricts blood flow to those parts of the body. I can’t stress lol no pun intended…how much I think EVERYONE should receive massage therapy in this day and age when stress is the number one factor for health problems "

  • 5 Stars

    May 22, 2015 – Submitted by Joe

    "This was actually my second appointment and it was even better than the first if that’s possible. I was able to set an appointment for 20 minutes later. First of all, Travis is a genuine and pleasant guy who also happens to be a great masseur. He uses a wide range of pressure from light to medium to a little deeper very effectively. One thing that resonated throughout the massage was Travis’ focus and positive energy. I had the 90 minute massage and I felt relaxed afterward. Oh and don’t second guess the quality that you will get based on his very reasonable prices. You will get a more technically sound and trained massage from Travis over other masseurs who charge significantly more. All in all a great massage that I plan on repeating soon. Thanks again."

  • 4.5 Stars

    October 17, 2015 – Submitted by Wayne

    "Travis was promptly responsive to my text to set an appointment. When I arrived he came right out to meet me. Regarding his massage, he knows what he’s doing! Highlights for me, because they were different than other massages I’ve had, were the unrushed, incredible foot-massage he gave, and the slightly up-beat yet relaxing music he played. He’s quiet, but that shows he’s concentrating on what he’s doing. I recommend him."

  • 5 Stars

    May 12, 2017 – Submitted by Bob

    "Travis responded to my initial text promptly, estimated when he’d arrive at my place and was right on time. This was my first massage from Travis. As we became acquainted, I outlined the areas that I felt needed attention (my back, shoulders) and Travis proceeded to provide a great professional trained massage that included significant focus on the areas that I asked. His expert use of sports massage techniques on my neck, feet and knees brought significant relief to those problem areas. He has great strength which enabled him to “dig in” to the muscles of my back and neck very effectively. Travis is a focused masseur, and nice. I recommend Travis highly."

  • 5 Stars

    March 29, 2017 – Submitted by Dave

    "His manner on the phone to make the appointment was easy, and that friendliness and genuine quality of his persona only increased when we met. The client is treated to quiet, comfortable surroundings which include a professional table, so I found myself quickly at ease. Just the right amount of massage cream and pressure. I hope to see him again in the near future for another massage. Kudos, Travis. Dave "

  • 5 Stars

    May 27, 2015 – Submitted by Patrick

    "I first read the reviews on Travis from his other clients online and became very impressed in what I read. I then contacted Travis to inquire about a massage and we both agreed on having a two hour massage on a certain date and time. When I arrived Travis greeted me with a kind welcome. I then saw that Travis had a massage table all set up for Travis to do the massage. Before the massage Travis asked me what my stress points were which I said my back and feet. Travis used great pressure to get the muscle tension of my back and feet where I could feel more relaxed and less tense. Travis had excellent music playing and kept working non stop for two hours. After the massage was done Travis offered me water and thanked me for giving him the opportunity to address my back and feet. I was very impressed with Travis’s positive kind attitude, along with being professional and Travis’s understanding of how to use the correct pressure. Again, Travis had a very warm setting and made me feel at home. I would certainly suggest to anyone who wants an excellent massage to please give Travis a call. Sincerely, Patrick "